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Get PAID to solve the most pressing challenge that exists in the coaching and consulting industry.  Become a blooprint creator and get REAL results for those who want to accomplish what you already have!

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Millions Of Lives Transformed

What Is A Creator?

What have you accomplished that can be reverse-engineered into specific tasks that someone else can follow? 

This is what we call a blooprint, and it’s the present and future of getting results. There are millions of courses, books, video trainings that teach people the “how to,” but almost never get people the results they yearn for. This is why blooprints are about to disrupt the entire online education industry — and we want to make sure you are part of the disruption.
blooprints come in all different shapes and sizes, but the one consistency is the results that people gain by completing the tasks you create for them.

blooprints In The Following Categories... And So Many More!

You make money when people download your blooprint from our dashboard, making blooprinted one of the greatest breakthroughs in the course creation and coaching industry.


Real Estate






Social Media




Writing a Book

And The Process Is Really Simple…


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Our goal is to make this process frictionless.

We highly encourage people to use our 'Done With You' blooprint service where we sift, sort, and organize your content into a specific blooprint, ready to purchase once you hit publish.

Get ready to help get results…
Get ready for a new revenue stream…
Get ready to create massive impact...

Ready to get started?

Leave It To The Experts

Save 50+ Hours! Let Us Build Your blooprint For You.

  • Professional Team Does The Work With You
  • ​Review Previous Content For blooprint Extraction
  • Complete Setup And Deployment
  • ​​​Perfect For Busy, Success-Driven People
  • Prime Placement For First 30-Days
  • ​​Add Additional Done With You blooprints For Only $1495 Each!

ONLY $2,997 $5,000

Wait, There's Money to Make?

You better believe it and you better get ready because there are extraordinary levels of financial upside to being an early Creator.

Did you know the original people on Vine and TikTok have made millions?
Did you know the original creators on Thinkific and Kajabi have reached millions?
Did you know the original coaches and consultants got results FAST?

As an original Creator, you will be able to capitalize on all of the growth on the platform with a partnership module.

Here's The ULTIMATE Value:
Your blooprint On The Marketplace

When you create a blooprint, you not only get your own blooprint to sell and monetize your process, you also get:
  • Your blooprint on the blooprinted Marketplace
  • Promotion across blooprinted ecosystem
  • Credibility of being associated with blooprinted and our partners

And It Keeps getting better...

We are building a community of people who are fanatical about accomplishing your goals and we are taking 100% responsibility to build that community.

So here's the question...

Why Haven't You Joined Yet?!

Join Our Community of Creators

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Influencer, real estate expert, and Co-Founder of blooprinted

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Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of 10X Incubator

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#1 Sales and Marketing Trainer in the World, Co-Founder of 10X Incubator

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NFT project ambassador, Founder, CEO, and Podcast host of Modern Luxury Lounge

Don’t Regret Thinking Too Much About This... Just Do It!

Earning the title of an original Creator will go down in history as one of the greatest disruptions in the online education space because Success Leaves Tasks. 

We stand against expert advice that does not have a clear and specific road map. And we invite YOU to say YES to having your blooprint installed today. This decision will change your life and your business forever, and give you the chance to impact the lives of so many others. 


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