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Build, Launch, And Monetize A World-Class Luxury Brand In 26 Days

Building a personal brand is more important now than ever. In this age of social media and content consumption, you have limitless opportunities to make a name for yourself and build a loyal following, but competition is also higher now than it has ever been before.

There are all kinds of social media platforms out there constantly changing, media outlets that seem out of reach, and the first steps you take in your personal brand journey can either set you up for life or trap you in a constant uphill battle. Before I built my personal brand, I was slaving away at different jobs and building a life to satisfy others instead of myself. 

Now more than ever people are leaving their stressful 9-5s and building their dream businesses. But in order to make a massive impact, you need a personal brand no matter what type of business it is. What I’ve learned over the years of my personal brand journey is that setting your brand foundation from the very beginning with your core values, your vision, and your why, will guide all of your future business decisions and raise the standard for how you treat yourself and others. 

I’m inviting you to receive guidance in setting this foundation in an exclusive implementation experience called a blooprint. 

Inside your own private learning portal, you’ll be guided through the steps to crafting your story, standing out from competitors, and showcasing yourself in the best possible light. These things (and more) will help you build a brand that’s cohesive, press-worthy, and fulfilling. 

By following the steps in this blooprint, you’ll be able to build a brand that not only sells itself, but also one that leads to endless monetization opportunities. In order to monetize yourself and earn more lucrative income opportunities, your personal brand needs to be strong and highly-differentiated. That is how you attract the attention of your ideal audience, collaborators, clients, and other key decision-makers. This blooprint will show you how to do it all in just 26 days.

How To Build and Monetize Your Luxury Personal Brand Strategy will help you build a luxury brand that’s 100% true to you, and the implementation experience is designed to give you quick wins every step along the way. With this blooprint in hand, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your brand persona, the emotions and desire you want it to evoke, and how you want others to experience it.
  • Learn how to identify, engage, and convert your audience.
  • Recognize monetization opportunities for your brand and how to implement them.

How Your blooprint Is Designed For Maximum Impact

We’ve chosen to host your brand-building journey within blooprinted, a cutting-edge training portal that organizes your brand strategy into bite-sized milestones that are easy to complete. 

These milestones are built around the nine major brand-building pillars that underlie Jaylissa’s signature process. You’ll be guided by the hand through the initial steps of building your strategy as well as the later stages of monetization and growth. By the time you’ve completed your blooprint, you’ll have a world-class personal brand with the infrastructure to support itself for years to come.

Not A Social Media Expert? Don’t Have Experience In Branding Or PR?

If not, this blooprint was built specifically for you. You’ll be shown the ins-and-outs of personal branding and find it easier than ever to navigate through simplified principles of brand psychology. With Jaylissa as your guide, you’ll discover common mistakes to avoid, time-saving strategies that will get your brand off the ground quickly, and actionable methods to make your brand as authentic and engaging as possible. 

"Jaylissa's step-by-step process helped me significantly. Through her modern luxury framework, I was able to rebrand and raise my overall standard." 


Take a look at the milestones you will achieve from this blooprint:


Gain Clarity

Know and understand your why, core values and set goals for your brand and its future.
6 Tasks + Lifetime Access


Identify Your Ideal Audience

Gain clarity about who your ideal audience is as a luxury brand and understanding their pain points
1 Task + Lifetime Access


How to Stand Out/Position Yourself

 Identify someone in a similar niche to you and where your brand can fill in the gaps.
1 Task + Lifetime Access


Create a Bio That Appeals to Your Audience and Converts to Followers

Create bios for both your elevator pitch and social media.
2 Tasks + Lifetime Access


Claim Your Brand Archetype

 Pick and set consistent and cohesive brand archetype and content pillars for your entire company.
2 Tasks + Lifetime Access


How to Work With Brands

Learn how to leverage other business brands to monetize yours.
4 Tasks + Lifetime Access


Monetize Opportunities

Map out and implement the tools essential for successful monetization implementation
2 Tasks + Lifetime Access


How To Scale Your Brand

Identify and engage with your tribe.
2 Tasks + Lifetime Access


Build Your Brand Presence

Build your brand presence by ensuring that your brand is consistent.
2 Tasks + Lifetime Access

26 Days To Launch Your Personal Brand

Each of your blooprint milestones are spaced out over the period of time that it typically takes to build and launch a high-impact personal brand. You don’t need to be an expert—the strategies included in this blooprint are designed to bring you through a seamless brand-building process, regardless of your experience in branding, public relations, or marketing.

How To Build and Monetize Your Luxury Personal Brand Strategy

We’ve included everything you need to get started on your brand-building journey:
  • 9 blooprint milestones designed personally by Jaylissa Lea
  • ​One small-group coaching session with Jaylissa to answer your specific questions on building a personal brand
  • ​24/7 Customer Support for questions that arise during your implementation journey
  • ​Strategies to build a loyal audience so you can genuinely connect with your followers
  • ​Guidance on monetization opportunities for your brand
  • ​A proven framework for identifying your brand’s voice, vision and purpose

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"Being in an industry with a saturated market, I found it quite challenging to stand out. Working with Jaylissa, I have been able to find clarity in my brand voice and even upgrade my message to a more luxurious sound."

Dr. J


How is this different from a traditional online course?

Regular online training programs are built on the assumption that you’ll learn skills by just watching videos. This blooprint is designed to go deeper. While we provide you with video trainings, we’ve also attached assignments and milestones to each step you take throughout the experience. You’ll be going beyond video consumption by practicing the craft of personal branding—that way, you’re truly learning new skills. By the end of your blooprint experience, you’ll have a fully-built luxury personal brand you can be proud of.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! After registering for your blooprint, you’ll have lifetime access to the blooprint portal, including your lessons, tasks, and milestones.

How long does it take?

Your blooprint is designed to be completed within 26 days. We’ve timed out the tasks and milestones within your learning journey to provide you with enough space to complete the necessary assignments without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. That being said, you’ll still have access to your blooprint after the 26 days is over so you can go back and review what you’ve learned.

What if I’m new to branding and PR?

Then this blooprint was designed specifically for you! The implementation journey included in this experience was built from the ground up to help you build a world-class luxury personal brand, no matter your experience level.

About Jaylissa

Jaylissa Lea is Founder and CEO of Modern Luxury Lounge, a personal branding/PR company for high-level entrepreneurs wanting to create an impactful, luxurious brand.

She has helped many of her company’s clients get featured in major publications like Forbes and Business Insider. Jaylissa helps people create a brand around their own unique definition of luxury and builds their confidence and ability to monetize themselves. 

Her interest in helping others upgrade their mindset, business, and lifestyle has helped leading entrepreneurs with incredible companies branch out and establish their personal brands to build a more genuine connection with a loyal audience increasing their brand value and revenue opportunities. 

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