The Real Money In e-Learning
Isn't In Online Courses
If you check ALL THREE of these boxes...
  • You’re sick of trading dollars for hours (this includes salaries)
  • ​You’re an expert in your field
  • ​You have no interest in teaching old-school online courses
... then registering for this live call will be the best decision you make all year.
What C-Roc Is Covering On This Call:
The landscape of e-learning is changing beneath our feet. Fewer students are completing online courses while the technology behind them has stagnated. The writing is on the wall.

If you want to monetize your expertise, scale e-learning revenue, and build more valuable student relationships, it's time to follow the trends. At blooprinted, the trend we're researching and following is task-based learning. The real way people retain information. The real reason students learn. And the reason YOUR e-learning revenue streams have so much potential! 

Join me this Friday so we can talk about this trend and how you can take advantage of it. 

Strike while the iron's hot, baby!
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